Dennis A. Lindahl

Visionary Thinker

I help people reach their goals, big or small. The Bakken Oil Play has made ND widely sought-after and I have been pleased to advise communications for over fifteen years on a wide variety of campaigns. As an autodidact, polymath my focus is multidisciplinary, rapid skill acquisition, seeking unique and unconventional solutions to problems through introduction of fresh and new perspectives.

Ethical & Moral Conduct

I'm always trying harder to be a visionary thinker, innovative implementer and I care deeply about servicing the highest purposes such as ethical and moral conduct, spontaneity, creative problem-solving and elimination of biases and prejudices. 

Creative Problem-Solving

Through challenging times, I have enjoyed advising and guiding political subdivisions and consulting Fortune 500 & Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing companies. I believe that producing goodwill has led to ideas being published in the Fargo Forum and Williston Herald and brought thoughts of development to be featured in numerous cinema productions and global television programs.

Serving the Highest Purpose

Knowledge & Experience

Great leaders take a 'team' approach and allow others to contribute from their unique experiences.

I appreciate finding people & projects that can utilize my fifteen-plus years of Public Relations & Strategic Communications experience.

Genuine Concern

People don't care what you know until they know that you care. 

I care about North Dakota communities and seek opportunities where my sometimes unconventional ideas can have the greatest impact on the most people.

Respect for Others

Each individual acts and responds in ways that draws from their previous experiences. Rather than question people's motives and actions I prefer to ask, 'How did they get here?' and 'How can I help them get to their next best experience?' 

You've Come This Far

Secret to Success - Continue the Mission

If you have scrolled this far then you should be informed that I'm not a person that is all about the self-centered accolades. I have found moderate success after many sometimes tragic failures and discovered that it's much easier to Continue the Mission, then it is to remain defeated.

Hardships - Getting Your Full Benefits

My friend, a former Navy Seal, used to say to me, 'Lindahl, make sure you are getting your full benefits.' Hardships strengthen character and while I don't run headlong into disaster I know that sometimes crises must be endured. It is from an attitude of perserverance, that we derive our 'Full Benefit' from every experience. 

The Road Less Traveled

Life is challenging, but consider the alternatives! We must make decisions today to be a little better then we were yesterday. People may laugh when you fall, but they will also cheer when you succeed. If we each knew the real story behind other's journey we'd likely weep for each other and have better understanding of our individual struggles.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

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I am here for you!

Communication is key. Public Relations can add real value to your business. My team can help you make a great impact on the world. Take the first step: Call me, and together, we will let the world know what you are passionate about. 

Dennis A. Lindahl

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